Named "2018 Best Investment Book of the Year" by the 2018 Stock Trader’s Almanac

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Famed market analyst talks simplistic investment approach in Magnolia visit

"For decades, Jeff Weiss has shaped decision-making on Wall Street. In this must-read book, Relationship Investing... Weiss demonstrates not only how to understand the ever-changing mechanics driving the stock market, but also how to capitalize on them with great reward."

Douglas E. Schoen, political analyst, pollster, author, and commentator

"Jeff Weiss has done a fantastic job explaining the stock market in terms everyone can understand in a book that's a fun and easy read. Be humble. Learn from your losses. Don't let taxes drive investment decisions. Listen to what the market is saying. Don't be blinded by yield. Don't assume a stock will come back. Hope is not a strategy. There are just some of the pearls Jeff shares with readers."

Jacqueline Doherty, former Barron's senior editor

"Finally, a book that brings the technical aspects of security analysis down to the emotional and psychological concepts that even the most sophisticated analysts and professionals in the industry can appreciate, and the most inexperienced can embrace. Jeff Weiss has put his heart and soul into Relationship Investing and explains in plain English how money, egos and emotions can wreak havoc when investing in the market. In a word: 'Brilliant' and a must read."

Sydney LeBlanc, S. LeBlanc and Co., co-founder Registered Rep magazine.

"Weiss is the rare Wall Street veteran who has a plainspoken, straightforward writing style that's both entertaining and informative. His book provides valuable insights and strategies."

Gregory Zuckerman, special writer, The Wall Street Journal and author of The Greatest Trade Ever

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