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Hire Jeff to Speak at Your Next Event

Please e-mail Jeff directly at with your contact information. If known, please include the proposed title/description of the talk (Jeff can suggest others as well), venue, type of audience, desired length of the presentation including the Q&A period, and any other helpful details. Should his schedule permit, donating his time for a visit to a local school or veterans (or related) group to do an additional talk can also be discussed.

Student Programs

Student Financial Education
and Stock Market Programs 

Among Jeff’s greatest joys is connecting with students of all ages about financial education, investing, and the stock market. From grade schools to graduate schools, Jeff’s unique programs offer a mix of inspired learning and entertaining anecdotes across a wide array of topics that will linger in students’ minds well beyond their academic years. His own stock market interest was sparked back in 1969 from his dad and a sixth-grade mathematics project. Among the many topics of discussion are the psychology of money, risk management, analytics, how to buy and sell stocks, what not to do when investing, attributes of successful investors, mistakes investors make, learning the market’s language, decision-making skills, using the principles of investing to assist in the decision making process, and numerous other relevant topics across the investment spectrum. There’s even a section titled “be your own analyst”, where the students decipher market trends and patterns and make investment determinations based on what they’ve learned about chart reading, also known as technical analysis. 


From Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, Southern Arkansas University, and New York University’s Stern College to the inner New Jersey city schools of Patterson and Newark (where he attended Rutgers College), Muhlenberg College, Endicott College, numerous school districts in New Jersey, and Brooklyn and Riverdale, N.Y., motivating students in the world of finance and investing has been his decades-long passion. Jeff has also addressed a New York City teacher group for the nationally played Stock Market Game. 


Courses and topics can be tailored to whatever length of time and content is desired, and in the spirit of giving back Jeff always enjoys meeting with the students and answering their questions afterwards and hearing about their dreams. A lunch or dinner can also be arranged with those who may want to speak further or are interested in pursuing a career in the financial world. After all, his very own dream of being a stock market analyst at a young age came true! 


Feel free to contact Jeff at or give him a call at 201-914-3613

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