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Editorial Reviews

"Jeff Weiss is a pioneer in the art and science of stock market analysis. I have known Jeff and followed his work for nearly three decades. I know that he has studied under the world's finest stock market technicians, while making his own invaluable contributions to the field. Jeff has focused enormous effort on using technical analysis as a discipline to enforce risk management, a skill sadly lacking among most investors today. In his new book, Jeff offers insights and analysis that would be folly to ignore. His insights, his discipline and his enthusiasm for his field are legend on Wall Street."

―Ron Insana, CNBC contributor


"Jeff Weiss acumen as a technical analyst is legendary. With his book Relationship Investing he couples the disciplines from charts and market momentum with the psychic influences and anxieties the market creates for even the most experienced investors. He articulates an effective approach that allows the investor to learn the 'moral' from the lessons he has learned over the years."

―Joe Grano, former CEO of UBS/PaineWebber


"Finally, a book that brings the technical aspects of security analysis down to the emotional and psychological

concepts that even the most sophisticated analysts and professionals in the industry can appreciate, and the

most inexperienced can embrace. Jeff Weiss has put his heart and soul into Relationship Investing and explains in plain English how money, egos and emotions can wreak havoc when investing in the market. In a word: 'Brilliant' and a must read."

―Sydney LeBlanc, S. LeBlanc and Co., co-founder Registered Rep magazine.


"I started my career at EF Hutton in 1986 and one of the first guest speakers we listened to in training was Jeff Weiss. It was the first time I ever heard someone speak with genuine 'passion,’ a word that was never used at the time and is overused today to describe someone’s interest in a field. Jeff’s knowledge and ability to effectively communicate basic concepts of investing in the stock market is peerless. I’ve heard Jeff speak on numerous occasions and the reader of this book will easily perceive the enthusiasm he has for his life’s work."

―Harold Theurer, former director of new Financial Advisor (FA) training for PaineWebber, Inc.,

New York City


"Wall Street guru and technical analyst Jeff Weiss has written a wonderful and practical book on investing with unbridled passion and humor. Fortunately for my EF Hutton clients and me, I connected with Jeff many years ago. He has deftly put his 35-plus years of stock market experience into a must read for all levels of investors. Jeff Weiss nails it. Period."

―Honorable Larry LaRocco, member of Congress, 1991-1995, D Idaho; Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, 2008


"A Japanese proverb says, 'If you wish to know the road, inquire of those who have traveled it.' In Relationship

Investing, Jeff Weiss uses his decades of real world experience to reveal the tried and true strategies you can

immediately apply to improve your portfolio performance and save you from making the most common financial mistakes that can cause heavy financial damage. As a bonus, it's truly a fun read. Where else can you get a book that discusses why investing should be like marriage or dating?

―Steve Nison, author of Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques


"Weiss is the rare Wall Street veteran who has a plainspoken, straightforward writing style that's both entertaining and informative. His book provides valuable insights and strategies."

―Gregory Zuckerman, special writer, The Wall Street Journal and author of The Greatest Trade Ever


"For decades, Jeff Weiss has shaped decision-making on Wall Street. In this must read book, Relationship

Investing, Weiss' insightful 'morals' are both engaging and very influential to the times. Weiss demonstrates not only how to understand the ever-changing mechanics driving the stock market, but also how to capitalize on them with great reward."

―Douglas E. Schoen, political analyst, pollster, author, and commentator


"The relationship between the stock market and investors often is one-sided - the market can be unpredictable, unforgiving, and always right. Jeff Weiss explores this relationship and provides valuable insights about the market and about ourselves. Whether you view the market through a fundamental or technical lens, this well written and entertaining book will help you make your investing relationship enduring and profitable."

―Dr. Holmes Miller, Department Chair and Professor of Business, Muhlenberg College


"When Jeffrey Weiss asked me to read his new book, I was reluctant to tackle another heavy book on technical analysis. I’m happy to report that Relationship Investing covers most of the important lessons of technical analysis without actually being technical. The main focus is on how to avoid the mistakes often made by investors. The emphasis on preserving one’s hard-earned capital is especially worthwhile reading. This isn’t a book on how to do technical analysis. It’s a book about the mental process involved when employing that method. I found it to be an easy read and highly recommend it to anyone involved in the stock market."

―John Murphy, author of Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets


“Relationship Investing takes a novel approach to investing by encouraging readers to focus not only on the basic tenets of good investing, but important cognitive factors as well. Psychological science shows that people are often biased in the way they perceive the world, and Weiss demonstrates that the investment world is no different. He pushes the reader to confront maladaptive ways of thinking about their investment relationships and provides entertaining, easy to follow rules for being a more effective investor.”

―Gretchen Hanson Gotthard, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience,

Muhlenberg College


“Jeff Weiss has done a fantastic job explaining the stock market in terms everyone can understand in a book

that’s a fun and easy read. Be humble. Learn from your losses. Don’t let taxes drive investment decisions. Listen to what the market is saying. Don't be blinded by yield. Don’t assume a stock will come back. Hope is not a strategy. These are just some of the pearls Jeff shares with readers.”

―Jacqueline Doherty, former Barron’s senior editor

"Using the relationship theory of investing, Jeff’s advice is to preserve what you have before trying to get more.The stories Jeff uses to make his points about the market are entertaining and educational. They will help those who aren’t familiar with markets understand how to invest with more confidence and a focus on safety. They will also help those who have a great deal of experience in the markets. The book offers a new way of thinking about investing and that could be beneficial to many who struggle to obtain consistent profitability. Jeff also includes detailed descriptions of what he has learned in the markets over almost 40 years and a description of his analysis process. This could be helpful to new analysts, struggling to create a structured routine from the chaotic nature of the markets. Experienced analysts could spot a way to improve their own process. While anyone can benefit from reading Relationship Investing, it could also be a tool for financial advisers looking for effective ways to communicate with prospective clients. Distilling the market into relationship terms could help clients understand the markets and the value of a relationship with their adviser at the same time. The book also offers a different way to reach clients, and clients are likely to gain more value from this book than they would from a presentation made over a chicken dinner."

―Michael Carr, Market Technicians Association

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