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In Relationship Investing, experienced Wall Street analyst Jeffrey S. Weiss, CMT

shows how treating an investment like a personal relationship can help simplify your stock market decisions. In clear and accessible terms, he shows how, by following this premise, you can remove some of the complexity and anxiety from buying and selling decisions while also addressing the all-important but often neglected risk management side of the investment equation. 

You need to follow key rules in the stock market, just as you need to follow particular guidelines in a relationship. The two are surprisingly intertwined. Before you jump into the market, you should consider:


You need to be able understand stock market lingo, just as you need to be able to understand your partner

risk management

Resolve when to sell your stock by knowing when to break it off with your partner


Determine when to buy a stock the way you decide when to take the next step forward with your significant other

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