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Jeff's Journey

Ordinary has never been a word used to describe one of Jeff Weiss’ motivational stock market presentations. His goal is nothing less than to provide you with a stock market road map for the rest of your investment lifetime.


Attendees to his dynamic, informative, and entertaining stock market talks have described Jeff’s presentations as ““charismatic”, “exciting”, “inspiring”, “extraordinary”, ”unique”, “tremendous”, ”funny”, “upbeat”, and “energetic”. “Jeff’s enthusiasm is contagious!” remarked one.

You see, Jeff knows of no other way to speak to and communicate with people than with his entire self. Openness and sincerity have been his trademarks, and are well-known and respected in investment circles. “Genuine” is often a word used to describe an encounter with him. What really motivates Jeff is his non-stop desire to help investors learn from his investment miscues, so that others can be spared those very same costly lessons with their own hard-earned dollars. That’s because, as Jeff likes to say, “In this business, by the time you become smart you can also be broke!" That’s what drives him. He really does care. He also considers what he does a payback – to the many folks who gave their time, knowledge, and encouragement to him as a kid – beginning with his dad.

Here is his story:

Jeff’s awareness of the stock market began in the sixth grade, when his math teacher gave the pupils in the class a hypothetical $50,000 to invest. Pursuing opportunities, buying and selling, winning and losing, Jeff’s awareness turned into interest and fascination, and he began to read and study more seriously about the market. At age 13 he invested some birthday money in the market - parlaying his funds into a 100% gain in shares of Mattel Toy and purchasing a 3-speed bicycle with part of the proceeds for transportation to the local brokerage offices. Heady with his beginner’s luck, he has been a student of the market in the five decades since.


Jeff’s discipline evolved from his own personal trading experiences and market observations - including the devastating 1973-74 bear market, one of the worst since the Great Depression. He originally put his philosophy into practice at E.F. Hutton & Company in 1982, where he received his big break in the business working for the legendary Newton Zinder. Jeff would speak to Hutton’s national financial advisor force over the firm’s internal broadcast system. His ample doses of motivation, humor, realism, and an unwavering belief in the value of his relatable investment approach were an immediate hit, and earned him an opportunity to take his show on the road to the financial advisors and their clientele across the country. Jeff hasn’t stopped speaking about his investing discipline since. That’s the key word in the business of investing – discipline! In Jeff’s world, capital preservation considerations precede capital appreciation thoughts, and knowing how to sell is an invaluable art that never goes out of style. Remember, financial cuts are always preferable to financial hemorrhages. Investors should also respect the fact that the stock market is both judge and jury and that its verdict is final. An essential ingredient to Jeff’s approach is addressing whether a primary bull market or bear market is in force. Emotions, personal considerations, ego, and many other factors not directly related to the investment itself can invade investors’ buying and selling decisions and imperil their capital.

A comprehensive investment discipline takes all of this into account and much, much more. A key to the success of Jeff’s approach with audiences over the decades is his ability to discuss investing and financial education in non-technical terms that easily relate to what all of us have experience with – personal relationships. Jeff believes that the two are inextricably linked.

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